杨光 Yang guang



杨光,1975年出生于沈阳,1999年毕业于沈阳医学院临床医学专业 (本科),之后在一家医院从事2年的全科医生,包括中医、针灸和推拿,并在辽宁省中医学院(现辽宁中医药大学)进修一年的针灸和推拿。


2008年加入比利时针灸协会,在布鲁塞尔成立了“YANG Acupuncture Massage Therapy Center”, 主要运用针灸、艾条、按摩、刮痧、拔罐、放血、足底反射区疗法和耳穴等疗法。专业特长为颈肩背的痛症、消化系统和神级系统的疾病等。

Doctor Yang Guang,  borned in 1975, a medical doctor, massagist, acupuncturist and physical therapist in China. He has practised acupuncture and massger therapy in Bruxelles since 2008. He has graduated from Shenyang Medical College in clinical medicine in 1999 and Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in acupuncture massage training in 2000. He has been approved two licenses in China, one is for clinical doctor (modern medicine), another is for acupuncture and massage therapist (TCM).

He studied in computer science, life science and medical science in Belgium from 2001; received two master degrees in life science in VUB and medical science in KUL. He is a member of Belgian Acupunctors Federation and member of council in Belgian Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Address: RUE AU BOIS 290, 1150 Bruxelles

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地址(Adress):rue au bois 290, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Bruxelles

电话 (Tél):02-772 57 92

手机 (GSM):0484-631380



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